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Combining our love of reading with delicious paired cocktails and great conversation, the Boozy Book Club box makes the perfect gift.

Image by Helena Yankovska

The Boozy Book Club

Our Story...


We feel we've perfected the Art of the Book Club.

Right from when ours first started we set out some rules, with the most important of these being the host had to theme and match a cocktail to the book.

It became quite a competition between hosts, and an absolute delight to sip and hear why/how the cocktail was created, adding a whole new dimension to discussing the themes and characters of the books.

Having realised how much fun it was, and through a pandemic, how important it was to keep connecting and in touch with each other, we kept our book group up and now we've decided to invite you along too!

We host our online meetings at 7.30pm on the last Thursday of the Month and would love for you to join us.

Image by Helena Yankovska

More Than Just A Book!

Every month we select a book that we have read, loved and want to share.

We match it with a cocktail and some carefully selected gifts that tie in with the story.

There's also a cocktail recipe bookmark, playlist of tunes and a notecard with a favourite quote from the book.

More Than Just A Book Club!

Then we invite the author to join us, live or via zoom, invite you as well and get together to sip our cocktails and discuss their book.

Just check out who we have been lucky enough to have join us already.

Boozy Book Club Authors!

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