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A Date for your Diary!

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

If you've joined our Club then you need to put Thursday 14th January in your diary. That's when we'll be meeting you all virtually for our very first Boozy Book Club Meeting.

We have a guest Mixologist who will whizz up some Mockingbirds live as well as suggest a few ways to adapt them, we'll delve into the book and talk about what we got from it and we want to hear your thoughts too.

As part of our Club you are just as important as the concept itself and we want to hear your thoughts and ideas too. We've already added some new boxes, thanks to your input already.

We now have a Kindle edition box for those of you who would prefer to read that way and we also have a non-alcoholic box for those who don't drink (we definitely don't want to be the reason anyone breaks any New Years resolutions!) So now if you have a pregnant friend, are thinking of doing dry January or don't drink alcohol at all, you can still get involved and we'd love you too.

Everyone who has bought a box will get an email invitation to join us on the 14th, we really hope to see you there!

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