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A Good Heart these Days is Hard to Find...

Showing my age here, who else sang that title?

And actually if this month's book is anything to go by, then I don't agree with old Feargal, because this book is brimming with the very best kind of hearts. I LOVED this story so much, but I will admit it made me sob (a lot) too.

Our Because of You Boozy Book Club Box is live on the website, ready to buy and I'll be packing (for my sins) all week and sending them out to all of you.

Once the first lot have reached their new homes, I'll let you know all the other surprises that are in the box. I have filled it with lots of lovely things, as always, and I know so many of you love the surprise element, so I try not to give too much away.

There is a beautiful, heartfelt, meaningful and memory evoking piece of jewellery in every box, but that's as much as I'm giving away just now. I think you'll like it!

My Children's Christmas Book Boxes are starting to leave this week as well. Can you even imagine the state my house currently is in! 300 Boxes, Books, drinks and Gifts for Because of You and 500 for Matt Haig's, A Boy Called Christmas. If me and Mr Boozy were married, he might be threatening me with divorce - There is no room for him to reach his vinyl anymore, (I wonder if he has any Feargal Sharkey???!!!)

I know I have curated and filled the Christmas Book Box (my delightful daughter no.2 designed it), so I am very biased but honestly it is the perfect gift for Christmas. A book to share with your children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, cousins, young and old and will help answer so many questions children have about Father Christmas. It's full of the best kind of heart and magic and wonder too! Just all round good old fashioned Christmassy feels.

Matt Haig's Movie for this book is released on the 26th November, the day after he joins all of us on zoom. There is still time to get his box or a ticket to join us with him too.

Exciting times, thanks for being right there with me!

K x

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