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Absolutely Buzzing to bring you our March Box.

A first for The Boozy Book Club - A Historical Novel!

If you are like me, sometimes a historical novel can put you off as sometimes they are so tied up in telling you the history of the time that you lose the story and sometimes that puts me off a bit.

Not this one though, perfectly pitched with just the right amount of factual history to set the scene but with the loveliest characters and friendships going on to make you keep wanting to read more. Another 3 day read for me and I'm sure everyone is going to love meeting Nat Davy!

A story about being brave enough to take a chance, even if the odds aren't great, and about how, when everything else is falling apart, true friendship holds people together!

Frances Quinn has done a marvellous job with this book, I'm excited to share it with you and all the other goodies that are going in the box too. (There is a clue within this blog as to what I've paired the book with, but that's as much as I'm giving you just now). I'm pretty sure you are going to love what comes in the box with the book too. I'm always so delighted to team up with other independent businesses, once I've figured out what makes a good match and the two I have found this month are both fab!

Frances is already booked up to join us for our online Zoom meet-up on Thursday 28th April, so don't miss out. Get your box, read the book and then get it in the diary to join us!

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