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An Artfully Curated Box

This months box - The Bass Rock by Evie Wyld, feels even more curated than ever and I think that's because of all the Artists I have been able to work with to make up the extra gifts going in the box.

As well as having chosen a book named after a famous landmark in my town, which has inspired so much artwork over the years, I have also been inspired by another local project - The Big Hare Trail.

Dotted all around my hometown of North Berwick for the past few months, have been 10 stunning and huge hares, each decorated by an artist chosen by Leuchie House to raise much needed funds for their respite home. I have loved seeing these hares and have been hugely proud of my own daughter, who was chosen as one of the artists.

Not only has The Big Hare Trail brought joy for so many in raising awareness and funds for Leuchie House, it has also raised awareness of so many local artists.

When I started looking into the profiles of the other artists chosen, I was delighted to see so many of them had beautiful art work of The Bass Rock too and I was even more delighted that they all were so keen to let me put pieces of their art in our Bass Rock Boozy Book Club Box.

There is a card by Bonzo-Art of their Evening Swimmer (which by the way, I'm convinced is Kylie on one of our wild swimming dips!).

Julia Zeller-Jacques gave us prints of her stunning Lino art of the Bass Rock in a bottle and Lorraine Miller of Between the Woods and Sea provided us with a Bass Rock Coaster, perfect to sit your cocktails on.

Finally my daughter Abbie, created the cocktail recipe bookmark and the sound waves playlist.

This months cocktail contains Fidra Gin (Fidra Island is another local landmark of North Berwick) and is called The Beaches of the East which has a wee nod to witches too, one of the characters in Evie Wylds book is accused of being a witch.

All in all a beautiful box, and I hope you all agree.

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