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Bouncing Back!!! (with lot's of new books).

When I didn't manage to get the author of our first book of the year to join us, I'll admit, I felt a bit deflated and like I'd let everybody down.

You all, on the other hand, told me not to be silly and when we met for our zoom it was really lovely to have you all join in the conversation about the book too. Going forward, I'm looking at having two meets a month. One with the author and one just for all of us to chat about the book - watch this space!

Now having had our first author join us this year (Salena Godden, a new favourite of mine. She was so lovely to chat to) and having lined up almost the rest of the year, I definitely feel like I'm bouncing back.

SPOILER ALERT!!! Stop reading now if you like the books in your boxes to be a surprise.

Announcing all the authors who will be joining our book club and whose books are going in a Boozy Book Club Box!

The first two are already out of the bag, as all of March's boxes have now been posted.

Frances Quinn will join us to discuss her book The Smallest Man at the end of April and April's box has All My Mothers, by Joanna Glen in it. She is joining us at the end of May.

I thought some of you might like to know who's already booked in for future boxes (and I'm excited to share!!!). Then you'll know not to go buying those books as they'll be coming to you at some point with your subscription.

Subscribing (there's a few to choose from) means you get the best value price per box and you are guaranteed you'll get the box (we do sell out often).

Every book that goes in a box has already been read and enjoyed by me. If I don't love it, it doesn't go in. I'm constantly reading to find the next goodie and I think this next list has quite a few!!!

The Lost Story Teller - Amanda Block

Space Hopper - Helen Fisher

End of Men - Christina Sweeney Baird

The Fair Botanists - Sara Sheridan

The Extraordinary Hope of Dawn Brightside - Jessica Ryn

Just a few more to confirm and that's the whole year sorted!

Hope you are as excited about this as me.

love K x

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