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For New Christmas Traditions!

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Anybody else's kids wondering what all the fuss and delight is about when your Boozy Book Club Box arrives each month?

Anyone else's kids saying they wish they got a book box too?

Matt Haig said my attention to detail is second to none, but actually I can't take all the credit for the very beautiful Christmas Book Box (it's for kid's but I've treated myself to my very own one).

My daughter Abbie illustrated the boxes for me. I wanted them to be a beautiful keepsake box that creates a new Christmas tradition in your house. Where the joy of sharing a good book and then a just as good movie is something for all generations, to reshare each year.

And the input for the box didn't stop there. My 9 year old son, Laurie read the book with me in the Summer and he made most of the suggestions of what should go in the box. The only thing he wanted to put in that I couldn't do was a turnip doll but everything else that he said was a must to go with the story went in. Wooden spinning tops, popcorn, elf money & a friendly mouse. I just had to come up with the Cloudberry Juice.

So The Christmas Book Box has been a family affair and that makes me very happy as Christmas traditions should be about family too.

I love how much Laurie loved this story, so much so that he wanted to ask Matt a question too at our online meet-up (he may have stolen the show!) And Matt didn't disappoint with his answer. This beautiful Santa origin story was inspired by Matt's son, and his many questions.

So buy this box, start a new family Christmas tradition and share all the wondrous festive joy it brings.

And remember you can watch the movie now too!

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