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Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow

Tonight we have Evie Wyld, author of The Bass Rock joining us online for our monthly Boozy Book Club meet-up.

It's actually the second time, I will have chatted to Evie as she also came to our first ever live author meet up as part of Fringe by the Sea, an annual festival in my Hometown of North Berwick.

When I saw her book in a shop window, it immediately intrigued me as The Bass Rock is ever present in my morning dips on East Beach. You can see it in the picture above, as well as The Scottish Seabird Centre and my daughter, Abbie's amazing Hare, Hetty, for which she was one of 10 artists chosen to decorate a hare in aid of Leuchie House, a respite centre, also close to where I live.

The day we interviewed Evie live about her book, when we came out of the venue the Bass Rock was lit up by a rainbow, you can call it a coincidence but it truly felt magical.

So I guess I'm hoping for another bit of magic (have I told you I used to be a Fairy Godmother?!?) because the beautiful Hare's, including my daughters, are being auctioned tomorrow (Fri 1st Oct) to raise funds for Leuchie. That has been their purpose all along.

If you read our newsletters you"ll know I'm trying to bid on Abbie's so that it will stay in the community to be enjoyed by everyone, rather than go to some private collection where I might get arrested for trespassing for trying to get one last hug of Abbie's beautiful hare!

The following video, is pure magic! It's my youngest son and I out on a Hare Hunt, the night the Hare's were being installed, looking for his big sister's Hare (you'll need to watch to the end to hear his excitement). He quite possibly is even more proud of his big sister than I am, and that's no mean feat!

If this warms the cockles of your heart and you want to help us with our fundraising (all money will go to Leuchie, whether we have the winning bid or not) then please click on the link below.

Everyone who donates will also go into a prize draw, to win a years subscription to the Boozy Book Club, a wee incentive and also my way of saying thanks!

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