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I am soooooo excited....

A Boozy Book Club Box all about my Happy Place!

It's no secret I love the sea and where I live in North Berwick. Every morning I wake up grateful to live where I do. I don't need a huge, fancy house because I am surrounded by beauty outside, everywhere, and I am constantly feeling blessed.

So, when I saw a book in a shop window called The Bass Rock I was intrigued and had to add it to my TBR list. So glad I did, because it has shaped up to make my favourite Boozy Book Club Box yet and introduced me to a whole load more of NB too!

You may have seen me boasting over on Insta about daughter no.2 being chosen as one of the artists for a fundraising Hare Trail in North Berwick in aid of Leuchie House. She was one of 10 artists chosen, the finished Hare's are now scattered around my home town and they are all blooming gorgeous.

(I'm still trying to figure out how to raise enough to buy Abbie's when they go to auction!!!).

The pic above is the Hare's before they were painted (Yes, that's me Kylie & Katy), the pic below is them finished (and that's my pal Teresa and her gorgeous daughter. Teresa was the official photographer for this project).

Being surrounded by so much beautiful art has inspired this month's box even more. 4 of the Hare Artists, Julia Zeller-Jacques, Rachel Marshall, Lorraine Miller and of course my Abbie Herriot have all contributed to the gifts that are going in this months box. Useful, beautiful creations of theirs perfectly matched to the theme of the book.

This box takes curating to a whole new level!!!

On top of that, Local Gin Makers Extraordinaire, Fidra Gin (this is a top class, award winning gin by the way!) is sponsoring this box and the cocktail being made with it is my favourite cocktail yet. Thank goodness it's summer and the time for cocktails!!!

And then to top all of that good and amazing news, Kylie and I are also taking the Boozy Book Club to a live event for Fringe by the Sea. Evie Wyld the author of The Bass Rock is joining us too, so I can ask her all the burning questions I have about her book in person!!!

This months box is live and for sale now, Evie is still joining us online on 30th Sep, for those who can't come to Fringe by the Sea.

I need a way to packet up my joy and excitement, it's surely contagious, and I want everyone to feel as happy as this!!!

(Ha ha , just realised this is quite possibly what I do with my boxes, so get one ordered to share in my joy!!!).

Happy days to you all,

Love K x

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