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I asked, You answered. Thank You!

Well it seems the vast majority much prefer a surprise when it comes to future book announcements and I totally get that.

You have no idea how blown away I was by so many of you replying to my question or how many of you sent me absolutely gorgeous messages, some made me well up, letting me know how much you love your monthly box of treats, how the surprise element is key to the whole smile factor for you and thanking me for doing a great job!!!

WOW! You made me feel like we really do have something special here, and the we is, as in, you guys too. I feel it's all of you who deserve the thanks for making our Book Club what it is, wouldn't be much good with only me and Kylie!

There were a few though, maybe 10%, that would prefer to be able to plan ahead and said they would like to know and actually I can do that too. So I have set up a separate email list for those who want to know and rather than put it on the website, social media or announce everything at our online meets, I will let you guys know via email who the future authors and books are. It will be our secret club and means you can make sure you don't go buying any of the books that are coming up and can plan ahead for gift ideas, which many of you also said.

If anybody reading this wants to be added to the "Let me Know" list, you can email me at and I"ll add you to the list. Also while I have you here, make sure you have added our email to your favourites, so that nothing ever goes in your junk, it's a monthly panic and stress of mine when I send out the zoom code for our online author meets!

Which leads me nicely on to remind you that Kate Spicer is joining us this Thursday Night (24th June @ 7.30PM). I'll be sending the codes out the day before. so keep an eye out for it and if you didn't buy a box but still want to join us for her chat, you can get a ticket here.

There may be one box (November) that I announce to everybody well in advance, purely because the author is so famous and probably super busy that I am going to need the help of every single one of you to get her attention and have her agree to join us. We did it together for Matt Haig, so here's hoping we can for her too!

Finally, this beaut of a box is still for sale. A lot of you think it's the best one yet!!! If you haven't ordered Junes Box - Away with the Penguins, better do so now, they are seriously not hanging about and waddling out the door as fast as Penguins can.

Happy Sunday Everyone, hope you have time in your day, just for you and a book.

Love K

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