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It's time to reveal all the bits...

and bobs that went into July's Box!!!

I know lot's of you love the surprise, so I try to save it till the majority of boxes have gone out before I let those of you who like to know what they're buying see what they're getting.

Last year, and most of this, has probably felt the closest we've ever got to an apocalypse!!! So, ever the Girl Scout, I thought we'd best all be prepared.

Inside July's box if the niftiest little tin I've ever seen (hubbies, boyfriend, brothers & sons, will try to steal this, don't let them!). It has everything you would need to help you survive. Iron & Glory create tools for uncommon living, they stand for rugged, timeless functionality and when I said the book, My name is Monster was all about juxtaposition, I wanted the box to be full of juxtaposition too. Bold & Strong v's Sweet & Nurturing, which leads me nicely to the second gift in the box.

I've included your very own guerrilla gardening grenade, filled with flower power. In any apocalyptic world pollinators are bound to be important and these seedboms are perfect for the job. Seedboms are the innovative and eco-friendly product of Kabloom, a Glasgow based company. They have lot's of different types to choose from, you should definitely go check them out.

Finally the cocktail this month has a longer shelf life in case any of you are lucky enough to be getting away on a holiday. I didn't want anyone's cocktail spoiling till you got back so there isa little bit of DIY in this one, but in a post apocalyptic world I'm pretty sure there would be a lot of DIY so this will help set the scene for the story perfectly. It's basically an Italian Spritz but I want you to pour over ice and squeeze your orange that I've included in the box too. Tastes of pure summer, you have no idea how hard it has been for me to pack this month's boxes and not be tempted to do it while drinking these at the same time. Oranges are quite significant in the book to and I've been told the boxes smell amazing when you open them because of them!

The listen to playlist can be found here and all the songs are on the playlist card in the box too.

Katie Hale is joining us on the last Thursday in August and this box will only be for sale for one more week. If you haven't got yours yet click here.

It's also a week today till Hazel Prior joins us for Away with the Penguins, hope to see lot's of you online with us.

Take care my lovely Boozy's,

K x

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