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Just the kind of Magic we all need right now!

When we decided on our third Boozy Book Club book, we should have maybe realised just how popular it was going to become.

The Midnight Library, by Matt Haig has absolutely taken the world by storm. It's topping so many bestsellers lists and continues to do so and is picking up lots of awards and accolades too. We started to worry that everyone would have read it, before we got our boxes to you!!! If you haven’t read it, You need to!!!

The book has been dedicated to all the health and care workers. A personal Thank You for them from Matt, but also I'm sure from all of us too.

It's a beautiful story about life, death and the in-between, that touches on despair and regrets, but also hope. There is so much hope in this book and so many lessons to learn and live by. This was absolutely my favourite piece of fiction I read in 2020, and I read lots (had plenty of time to, didn't I!!!).

Before I settle down to read, I always have two other things to hand (actually make that 3, was forgetting my cocktail). I have a special notebook and a pen, so I can write down quotes I want to remember, are beautiful or just resonate with me in some way. This book had so many and in this months box, you'll also receive an exclusively designed notebook and pen, that works so well with the theme of the book, that we can't wait for you to have read it and to understand.

Maybe you'll use it to note down quotes too...

This box is available to buy until the 28th of February and we'll meet to chat about it on Thursday 25th March at 7.30pm.

Love K & K

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