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Once upon a time....

One of my friends once said to me "Kirsty, you are a bloody Fairytale!" and I am not going to lie, I often have my head in the clouds and sometimes I'm completely away with the fairies, but I was absolutely delighted with this description!

Today my mind was blown!!! Those of you who joined our online meet, way back in March, with Matt Haig, will remember when he told us about his Christmas movie and I told him that in a past life (or business), I was actually Mrs Christmas for 5 years, welcoming children into Mrs Claus' sitting room, decorating gingerbread biscuits and making Christmas tree decorations with them before they officially adopted an Elf into their family with Father Christmas himself!

Ever since Matt told me about the movie, I have been planning in my head, a children's Christmas Book box that will be a celebration of "The Boy called Christmas" and filled with lots of special gifts to go with the book too.

Today I was reading the follow-up (there are 3 books!) and when I got to the part when Father Christmas met Mary (Eventually becomes Mary Christmas), I could not believe it when she jokingly introduced herself as The Fairy Godmother!

Because, That's another one of my jobs!!!! I am The Fairy Godmother!!!! So I think my pal was right, I am a bloody Fairytale!!!

Keep your eye's out for this! I'm going to launch The Children's Christmas Book Box soon and I can't wait to share it with you all.

If you need a treat before then, please go check out this month's Boozy Book Club Box (not for Children). It's a story as gorgeous as The Midnight Library was, I absolutely loved it, I want everyone to read it, it makes you feel all warm and glowy inside - Just like a Fairytale!

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