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Our July Box Packs a Punch!

My name is Monster

I'm writing this to the backdrop of another stunning sunset in North Berwick and I am almost tempted to run away to the beach again! Sod it, I am - back in a bit!!!!

Oh my! That was worth having to stay up a bit later to get this finished. How gorgeous is the world we live in sometimes?

It's day one of the summer holidays here in Scotland and I have the cheek to feel run ragged already, but this sunset swim has calmed me, I feel reset and ready.

So as I was saying before the sky so rudely interrupted us, Our July book has been announced and once again it is totally different from anything that has come before it.

There is a lot of juxtaposition in this story (I hope that's the right word). Tender yet harsh, strong yet delicate. There's balance and bleakness and beauty too and we are throwing all of this into the box as well. I'm not telling you what yet but believe me this box will be amazing.

This is Katie Hale's debut book but she has done a lot of other things and will be so interesting to chat to. I have so many questions about Monsters and Mothers, Creators and Survivors and I"m leaving it there as don't want to give you any spoilers. She will join us online on the 26th Aug, so you have plenty time to read this book first.

If you haven't joined The Boozy Book Club yet, come try us out this month, you don't need to subscribe to get our boxes, you can buy them as a one off and see what we're like. And then you'll probably come back.

Order this months box here. Looking forward to you all receiving your box of treats and making you smile like tonight's sunset did for me!

K x

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