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Pandemic, People, Passion, Penguins & Prizes!!!

Updated: May 31, 2021

Oh my goodness, I have had such an exciting week and right at the end the sun came out too, just to make it even better!

It started with dinner out, a new discovery, which has led to a new collaboration (more about that later). Then we had the very lovely Kirstin Innes join us for cocktails and Fishnet discussion and then my week has finished with sipping cocktails in the sun and announcing all my new news to you.

I'll admit that partial-post-pandemic freedoms have been welcomed, slowly, back into my life, there are definite parts of pandemic life that I want to keep and pieces that I will love forever - The Boozy Book Club being the biggest part of that. It would quite possibly never have become a thing if we hadn't been forced to still our lives for so long and I am very grateful for the reignited passions (reading & cocktails) and then the people, that has also brought my way.

June's box has just been launched, the author is joining us in July and I absolutely loved her book, which always means it inspires a million ideas for me of things to go into the boxes.

I was also totally inspired by an article I read on EGG by Morag Bootland about Women in Whisky, which then lead me to discover River Rock (you need to go check out their story), which then led to me trying some (I never thought I would say that!!!) and then meant (because I was so impressed) that I got in touch and now a beautiful collaboration between us has occurred!!!

Scotland's Most Welcoming Single Malt

They have only gone and agreed to sponsor this month's box, to provide us with their Whisky for the Herringbone to create another delicious cocktail for us, as well as offered up their beautiful gift bundle towards our giveaway this month (which is open to all members and also includes a 3 month gift subscription for The Boozy Book Club (worth £75) and a very cool, gold penguin lamp (worth £115)).

They are also giving us a discount code so that when it comes round to making more of those cocktails you can get all the ingredients at a bargain price, just for Boozy's!!!

SEE!!! They actually are very, very welcoming!

Even if, like me, you are not a whisky drinker, please, please go check out what they are all about, because I really feel our boxes are about getting you to read something you might not always choose to read and also drink something a bit different from your norm too.(Plus a whisky that's slightly sweeter with no burn and with toasted marshmallow notes??!! - Doesn't that just make you want to try it?).

I'm sampling all the possibilities now in the sunshine and it's going to be hard to choose the cocktail that gets to go in the box!

Our competition giveaway will be all over our Instagram and Facebook so if you haven't already found us there, go do it now.

Happy Weekend Everyone,

Love Kirsty x

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