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Release Your Inner Witch!

When I read The Crucible by Arthur Miller as a teenager at school, I still remember the feelings of outrage and shock I had for the persecution of women and girls convicted as witches, the disbelief in the mass hysteria and what can happen when a society is consumed by superstition and fear. I was angry at the men calling the shots, but also disappointed in how the girls seemed to so easily turn against each other.

But I also remember feeling worried. I wondered where my moral compass would lie if I was faced with such atrocities. I worried whether I would have the strength to stand up for friends and call a lie a lie or would I choose to save myself and turn my back on those accused.

When I read Hex, by Jenni Fagan it was the same feelings I felt and I still have no idea on what I would do if faced with that kind of situation. But I do know this, modern day witch hunting still goes on, it has many guises and it's sad to think that after all those hundreds of years, women still face discrimination, inequality and persecution.

Hex is based even closer to home (for me) than The Crucible. It's a retelling of the witch trials in North Berwick, where I live. A place I'm proud to call home, so it does leave a bit of a bad taste in my mouth to hear of such an awful history.

Jenni mixes the old with the new, tells the tale with compassion and wants us to remember Geillis Duncan. She also wants us to rise up and stand together for the women who are still persecuted for who they are and what they believe.

Modern Day Witches are you ready?

Our Hex box is available to pre-order now and will sent out next week. I hardly ever say what the gifts going in the box are, as I know lot's like a surprise, but this box will also include a Female Empowerment Crystal Set.

Jenni has lot's to say and will join us on the 29th of September to discuss and I just know, her zoom will become one of my faves. Get your box and join us too.

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Nov 16, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

There are so many brilliant witchy books, this is a great book for a book club

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