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The Queen of Rebel Women!

Can't believe we've almost sold out of this box and I haven't even done the Blog post yet!!!

Kirstin Innes is the author of this months book Fishnet. It was her debut novel and won her The Guardian's Not the Booker Prize Prize. Her second Novel Scabby Queen was released in 2020 and has earned her the fabulous title above.

She lives with her family in a village by a Loch in the west of Scotland and she is joining all of us to talk about her books, life, feminism and Scotland. Literally, spend all my time wishing my life away just now, I'm looking forward to this so much!

There is an Afterword at the back of the book and when I read it, I wished I had read it before starting the book, so I thought I would tell all you guys, in case you wanted to have a wee look at that first.

Kirsten has had an impressive career in journalism and has won lot's of prizes for her writing, if you, like me, would like to read and here more about her work, take a wee look here.

I feel excited and honoured that she's joining us and hope you do too.

Most of you will have had your boxes by now or they are on the way. Orders close on Wednesday and if you want one, be quick and click here .

We loved filling this box, it felt like a proper box of indulgent treats, the Ocelot Chocolate , the Snag Tights - Both Scottish companies too, so a real wee slice of home, this months box!

We were inspired by all the Snaggers (that's the snag tight's customers) instagram inspo of them wearing their snags, so much so that we re-created our own!!!

You'll find them on our instagram page and I have a wee prize for my favourite of you in your fishies! Go get creative, if you fancy an extra treat and please tag us in your instagram picture and use the hashtag (I can't find a hashtag symbol on my laptop!!!!) Hashtag BoozyBookClubFishnets

Happy new Boxes and reading,

K & K

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