August's Box - The Bass Rock
  • August's Box - The Bass Rock

    This months book is The Bass Rock by Evie Wyld.


    A book that caught my eye because I see the Bass Rock every day in North Berwick and was so intrigued as to how an Australian author came to write a novel about three era's of women living in North Berwick. This book is beautifully written and so thought provoking, can't wait to discuss it with all of you and Evie.


    This box will be a Celebration of North Berwick. I have 4 local artists all contributing something different to the box, useful and beautiful gifts, that as always match in with the book too.


    There is a Bass Rock Coaster, perfect to put your cocktail onto by Lorraine Miller.

    A beautiful print of a Lino screen print of The Bass Rock by Julia Jacques-Zeller

    A beautiful greetings card  of an evening swimmer & the Bass Rock by Rachel Marshall

    And the cocktail bookmark has been designed by Abbie Herriot.


    We are also being sponsored by the amazing Fidra Gin!!!

    The cocktail made by Herringbone is sooooo delicious, worth the box for just it alone and you definately will need to stock up on some Fidra gin to recreate for yourself.


     Evie is doing our usual live online meet up, on the last Thursday of September @ 7.30pm, so read the book, drink your cocktail and then if you loved it, use the recipe card to make more for on the night.


    Postal dates for this box are 18th, 25th August & 1st Sep.


    As always, if you are buying as a gift and the postal dates dont quite match up, just get in touch and i can forward a gift note to you to send to your lucky recipient so they know they have been thought of and a box is on it's way.