February's Box - Mrs Death Misses Death

February's Box - Mrs Death Misses Death

Another absolute beauty of a box!


Salena Godden's debut novel - Mrs Death Misses Death


The Blurb -


"Tired of her job and desperate for a sympathetic ear, Death befriends a writer who begins to work on her memoir in this much awaited, tantalising debut novel from poet Salena Godden. Mrs Death has had enough. She is exhausted from spending eternity doing her job and now she seeks someone to unburden her conscience to."


As always this box is full of surprises that will tie in with the book and a delicious bespoke matching cocktail.


This box is ready to pre-order now, first postal date will be 16th February and we'll meet for our Book Group Zoom with Salena on Thursday 31st March.


As always, if buying as a gift and the dates don't quite work for you, get in touch and we'll send you a gift note to forward to the lucky recipient so they know you've treated them.