January's Box - More Than a Woman

January's Box - More Than a Woman

Starting the New Year with a Caitlin Moran sized Bang!!!


This book will make you shriek with laughter, it's a hilarious memoir that examines middle age, motherhood, sex and feminism. It's fiercely honest, full of top tips and wisdom on how to be a decent person and try, despite all the stresses, to live a full, open-hearted and joyous life.


Caitlin Moran says it all so honestly, this book is personal, funny, hearbreaking and full of a spark that can't be dimmed. We all need a bit of Caitlin in our lives.


As always this box is full of surprises that will tie in with the book and because it's new year, 2 drinks, a healthy one and one for saying cheers.


This box is ready to order now, first postal date will be 16th January and we'll meet for our Book Group Zoom on Thursday 24th February.