June's Box - Away with the Penguins
  • June's Box - Away with the Penguins

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    Oh My Goodness!!! This month's box has been an absolute delight to pull together. I am so excited for it to arrive at your door and for you to see and feel the love that's been put into it'


    Starting with a brilliantly uplifting novel, you will find a special place in your heart for Veronica McCreedy, a cantankerous, old, set in her ways, 85 year old woman, who suddenly decides the penguins in Antarctica may well inherit her millions!


    This box comes with -


    The Book


    A Rocket Island Rocktail (whisky based cocktail made with River Rock Single Malt) Just what you need to warm you up in Ayrshire or Antartica.


    A set of two Iceberg Ice rock moulds, one with Penguins, one with a polar bear.


    Our very own sponsored and named (Veronica Boozy) Club Penguin


    Novus Organic Darjeeling Tea


    Cocktail Recipe Bookmark


    Quoted Notelet


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