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A sneaky peek!

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

We don't want to spoil the surprise of all the books we have lined up for the whole year. We've had too many of the wrong kind of surprises this year, so it's extra nice to receive a goody box with some welcome surprises in it, delivered to your door.

Remember each one will come with it's specially suggested cocktail too, which we've had the hard job of testing till they taste just right (someone's gotta do it) and believe us when we say they'll hit the spot.

We are avid readers and are constantly researching and approving books to add to our ever growing list. There will be a real mixture, but all will have been given our Boozy Book Club seal of approval.

Yes, our Launch Box Book is an old classic that you may have even read before, but we also have lots of new and exciting books to introduce to you too.

We'll listen to you as well and hope to receive your recommendations and suggestions both in the comments and at our monthly Boozy Book Club online meetings.

So to tease you, just a little bit and to get you thinking, we're not going to tell you the books that we have lined up but we are going to tell you some of the cocktails!

Maybe you can figure out which book they'll go with.

Marsh Girl Moonshine

Girls, Women (Have an) other

The Salty Sipper

Daisy Fay

Midnight Glacier

Can you guess? Leave your comments below.

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