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Bookish Gifts for your (Cow) Girls

You all know by now how much I love pairing and in fact how much I love sharing too.

When I find something good I want to shout LOUD about it.

I read Dawn O'Porter's book, The Cows quite a few years ago, well before The Boozy Book Club ever started. It's brilliant, fast paced with a real "Oh My God" what just happened moment too. A fab book to share with your girlfriends.

I discovered Dirty Cow last year because my daughter is lactose Intolerant and used to love Bailey's but obviously it doesn't love her any more. When I found this alternative liqueur she was over the moon - "First time I don't feel hard done by, by an alternative Mum!!! This is better than Bailey's" were her precise words.

Both made me think of each other and I just loved the idea of handing over bottles that said Dirty Cow on them to my pals who know me well enough to know it's said with love. And I did, to lot's of them, not just the Vegan's or Dairy Free ones!!!

They do delicious chocolate too and this year I have put all of these options in my shop as a pick and mix kind of gift for any of your pals who know you well enough not to be insulted.

A perfectly paired up present, just in time for Christmas - just how I like them!!!

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