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Updated: Nov 16, 2023

I am always most excited when I've finally done all my runs to the post office and I know my boxes are on their way to everyone. It's the thrill of knowing they'll be opened soon and I so love to hope that the anticipation of opening your Boozy Book Club Box is always a delightful one and that you enjoy all the parts that make up the box.

I'm always a little bit mad with myself when I don't get them to the post office till a Friday or Saturday because then I always have to wait the whole weekend before I know they've arrived and I start to see your Instagram posts.

Please, please take pics and tag me whenever you can, for me seeing your posts is as exciting for me as getting your box is for you (I hope!).

The Boozy Book Clubs Instagram page is @theboozybookcluboriginal - tag away and make my day!!

This month I'm extra excited because one random box has an extra gift in it and I have no idea who that went to.

The beautiful Folk Art Birds in the picture are part of this month's box, but one box had the whole set of three, so I'm desperate to know who got it. Was it you?

The Book for this month is The Story Keeper by Anna Mazzola, who will join us on zoom on Thursday 30th November. This month's cocktail is such a goody too.

There are still a limited few boxes left and you can get yours here, if you'd like the joy of receiving a box too!

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