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Book Club Books List!

I did a roll call of all the books we have had in our Book Subscription Boxes over the last 3 years over on Instagram and seeing them all together really put a lump in my throat.

It was a love of books and sharing chatting about them with others who felt the same, that planted the tiny seed of The Boozy Book Club in my head ( a simple wee dream). Then thinking "Would the authors actually want to join in too?' - Oh my!!! Did they???

Our author Roll Call is so impressive, as have been their books - that's the only condition of going in the box. I have to have read and loved it, so that the desire to share and then chat about it is strong, along with the inspiration for the matching gifts and cocktail!

Who would have thought I'd still be here, doing something that I love sooooo much with the best book club members ever - the ones who have joined us and joined in over the years, some from the very beginning. None of it would work without you and I am so so grateful.

This list is so great because of you and because of all our brilliant authors and their books too.

Salt on My Skin - Sarah Kennedy Norquoy

The Midnight Library - Matt Haig

Wintering - Katherine May

Fishnet - Kirstin Innes

Lost Dog - Kate Spicer

Away with the Penguins - Hazel Prior

My Name is Monster - Katie Hale

The Bass Rock -Evie Wyld

The Funny Thing About Norman Foreman - Julietta Henderson

The Comfort Book - Matt Haig

A Boy Called Christmas - Matt Haig

Mrs Death Misses Death - Salena Godden

The Smallest Man - Frances Quinn

All My Mothers - Joanna Glen

The Lost Story Teller - Amanda Block

The End of Men - Christina Sweeney Baird

Hex - Jenni Fagan

The Fair Botanists - Sara Sheridan

Space Hopper - Helen Fisher

The Extraordinary Hope of Dawn Brightside

A Terrible Kindness - Jo Browning Wroe

Enchantment - Katherine May

When I first Held You - Anstey Harris

Tell Me How This Ends - Jo Leevers

Yinka, Where is your Huzband - Lizzie Damilola Blackburn

Paper Cup - Karen Campbell

Afterwards - Charlotte Leonard

Cunning Women - Elizabeth Lee

The Story Keeper - Anna Mazzola

None of This is Serious - Catherine Prasifika


Literally Gobsmacking, pinching myself and wiping away a few tears of pride too - And I have half of 2024 sorted already too!!!

Who else wants to join in?

Love K x

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Nov 16, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

So many great books!

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