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Our Book Club Home from Home!

Words can't describe how delighted I am to be bringing our Book Club Meetings to The Marine Hotel, North Berwick every month.

It's such a gorgeous, cosy space with sumptuous armchairs and sofas, cocktails on tap or a mocktail if you don't want the Boozy part of The Boozy Book Club. It feels like the perfect place to meet up with the authors, be that in person or via zoom.

And that's exactly what we are doing every month! The first live zoom broadcast with author Fran Littlewood was a huge learning curve but I have learnt some valuable lessons and next month when we chat with Laura Pearson, author of The Last List of Mabel Beaumont for our Book Club Zoom, it will hopefully be a much smoother process. That's pencilled in for Thursday 28th of March.

Then at the end of April (date to be confirmed) we will have our Book Club Author for March, joining us live in person. it will still be available on zoom too.

I'm hoping to have the author live with us every quarter, with the other month's having them via zoom.

Each Book Club Book is only every chosen because I have read and loved it - that's how i get the inspiration for the matching cocktail and bookish gifts that go in each Boozy Book Club Box.

It's always special if you can join us in person, especially in such a swanky place as the Marine but we aren't local for everyone so the Author Interviews will always be available on zoom too.

You don't need to be a Book Club subscriber to join us, everyone is welcome, maybe you already read the book and would love to join us chat with the author - it's always an option so keep an eye out for our future North Berwick events.

We have so many great books and great authors lined up to join us in 2024!

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