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Guess who's Back?

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Matt Haig and Heart of books made from Matt Haig's books, The Midnight Library and The Comfort Book
Matt Haig joins book club for a second time

Back again,

Haig is back,

Tell a friend!

I'm just a little bit excited and I just want to double make sure everyone knows that this is happening (again!!!). I don't want anybody missing out.

The most genuine, lovely, chatty and blooming brilliant author - MATT HAIG is only gracing The Boozy Book Club with his presence again.

All my friends and family keep saying to me, when I excitedly tell them my news, "But you knew he would" and I keep telling them, "Honestly, I just didn't want to tempt fate and hope too much".

But it seems everyone else had far much more hope than me and maybe I've just been so swamped with working and building the Boozy Book Club, that I just didn't give myself the chance to sit back and take stock of what a wonderful thing we have managed to create here.

I mean every single author I've approached has been kind enough to say yes to joining us and every single time it blows my mind and I'm surprised, genuinely grateful and a little bit in awe that it's happening. So twice seemed too much like chancing my arm.

My daughter said something really lovely to me today, I'm welling up again thinking about it and typing it here.

"It's not luck Mum, your not jammy, you work blooming hard and put so much love and thought into your boxes, that of course the authors see that and say yes".

And as much as it's in my nature to just think I'm extremely lucky, a bit of what she said resonated with me and I dared, just a little bit of me, to agree.

So here I am, telling you, I have worked sooooooooo hard on this months box, to make it worthy of the man who wrote the book and I would love all of you to Buy a Box and join us on the 25th of November @ 7.30pm when I am lucky enough to be chatting to Matt Haig again!!!

Don't miss out, he was so lovely last time and I have no doubt chatting with him, and asking him your questions too, will be just as much fun this time.

See you there, K x

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