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My All Time Faves!

Who remembers the brilliant bags that went in our Lost Dog boxes, the apocalypse kits from My Name is Monster or the beautifully, luxurious soaps that went in The End of Men box?

Over the years there have been some fantastic gifts picked to theme with the book and I have loved collaborating with so many other female independents. It's a great way to introduce companies I've found and loved to you guys.

For a long, long time (well as long as you can get in a 23 month old business) I have wanted to find a way to pull all the bits and bobs together so that us long time Boozy's can get all nostalgic, and our newer Boozy's can discover some of the fab things we've included in boxes too.

I have also come across so many other brilliant gifts that I love in my searching but that just won't fit the budget of the box or, which is more often the case, I have too many ideas and can't choose them all!

But Finally, I have a storage unit, after a year and a half of Andy moaning at me for our house looking like a warehouse, I've finally found somewhere to put everything and I've also finally added a Pick & Mix section to the website.

This is where I'll showcase all the things I wish I could have put in the boxes too, or some of the stuff that has gone in a box that you might want to re-order. A little treasure trove of my all time faves.

They'll make excellent gifts, stocking fillers, you can even pick & mix to create your own version of a Boozy Book Club Box, then you can have as much fun as I do!!!

I'll be adding to it as I go, but at least I've finally got it started - Please go take a look and tell me what you think.

Love K x

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