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New Month means New Book!

I am so excited to be welcoming Christina Sweeney-Baird to The Boozy Book Club.

Imagine writing a book about a viral pandemic that sweeps the world killing many and then having to complete the final edit while you find yourself in Lockdown due to the Corona Virus. Actually having the virus and not knowing when you'll see your family next. This is exactly what happened to Christina Sweeney-Baird after writing her debut novel, The End of Men in 2018/19.

What she had thought was a wildly imaginative world, became real life for her and the rest of us, and the parallels between her imagined world and our real one are quite spookily accurate. The race for a vaccine, the heartbreak and loss, the panic.

What would have been considered an apocalyptic flight of fancy, cuts far too close to the bone than anyone could have wanted.

Imagining a world without men (or very few) brings lots of interesting consequences. Some that may surprise you and definitely makes you realise how much we need everybody to make the world go round.

Having lived through a pandemic, also gives us all such a rare insight and means this book throws up so much to discuss which is why I am very excited for our Book Club Zoom with Christina at the end of August.

This box has been so much fun to pull together and I really have enjoyed choosing the cocktail and the gifts. I'm pretty sure you will all enjoy them too.

If you would like to join The Boozy Book Club, get this months box and join us with Christina, you can order it here.

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