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Sunday Musings

I feel like I am having the perfect Sunday!

Some of my friends are away doing a half marathon and I may hugely admire them but think I know myself well enough now to know that's not my thing.

My partner and youngest son have gone out to take Bob a huge walk up the Law and I have the whole place to myself. I've read, I've written, I've reflected and I'm feeling relaxed and in touch with who I am.

Younger me might have felt guilty for not going too but I'm trying to understand myself better and treat myself to some time that's just for me. I also know I shouldn't feel guilty for taking that, as for the majority of the week, as well as working full-time from home, I run the house, walk the dog and sort out the kids too.

We need to learn to fill our own needs just as much as helping with the needs of those around us.

Writing this is work, but it gives me so much joy it doesn't feel like work. That's one of the best bits of being self-employed (there's plenty bad bits too), you can give yourself the jobs you love to do, there will be someone else who feels the same about the jobs you don't like doing. Though at the moment I'm still doing it all myself and some times that's full on.

Tonight we are going to cosy up on the sofa and watch Top Gun II as a family.

I'm taking tomorrow off too and then it will be back to full on box and book prep.

The following week we are so blessed to be having Jenni Fagan, author of Hex, The Panopticon and Luckenbooth, joining us to chat all things witches, empowering women and of course a cocktail.

Want to join us? Book your space here.

What are you doing this Sunday?

Love K x

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