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I feel a bit like this is as close to an Oscar's award speech, as I've ever been. I have so many Thank You's to do!!

What an absolutely amazing, pinch yourself, dream come true evening. I'm still riding high on the buzz of it all this morning.

Firstly to Matt, wasn't he just the loveliest of humans ever, I loved his chat and we've been through all of yours today too and will be asking him to answer some of the brilliant questions you were firing into the chat last night which we'll put into our next blog post. We are sorry we didn't get through as many of your questions as we would have liked, but he did invite himself back for Christmas so we'll definitely be having him back again, that's for sure!

My next Thank You is to all of YOU, for sharing this whirlwind of an adventure with us, for joining us last night, for subscribing to our boxes and just generally being the nicest team in the world. This Book Club wouldn't be half as good without you guys. So many of you sent us beautiful messages last night, I had tears in my eyes reading some of them and it just makes us want to keep doing our very, very best for all of you.

Extra special thanks to those of you who shared, tweeted and were the ones who first got Matt's attention about us and especially to Sarah Ewing for setting up an introduction for us.

Then there is our pal Katy Wakefield who did a fantastic job helping us out on Zoom last night and who pretty much daily, spurs me on and encourages me.

And finally, YOU, Kylie, Oh my God, I couldn't do any of this without you (this is the Oscar bit when I start welling up, as well as when I also tell my family how much I love them!!!). Right from the very start, you believed in this and me, you have driven me on, supported, packed boxes, screamed with joy, drank champagne, advised me, given me the confidence to dream bigger and just generally made me feel that with you in my team, I can do anything!!! What an amazing Pal!

So all that's left for me to say is let's keep this club as amazing as it is. We already have the authors of our next two book club online meets lined up. The first of which is Katherine May on Thursday 29th April. You literally have 24 hours left to buy the Wintering Boozy Book Club Box and if you already have it you can just get a ticket to join us online with her (though I always think just get the box with all the goodies in it and gift the book to a friend who hasn't read it yet).

Sending all my love and thanks to you all, have a great weekend, everybody.

Love Kirsty x

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