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Dancing with Death

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Scuse me, while I play with my glitter ball (a lovely Christmas gift) but as we have already sold out of January's book (I will try to get more if poss), I thought I'd let you all know the dazzling book I've lined up for February.

This book was recommended to me by Evie Wyld, who wrote The Bass Rock which was in the Box way back last August.

I loved Mrs Death misses death, so poetic, so thought-provoking. It's intoxicating, joyous and heartbreaking. It's powerful and will make you think. For although it is about death, it's also about celebrating life.

Salena Godden is a master of words and a powerful poet and performer.For someone who has written a book about death, she is sooooo alive and vibrant and this comes through in the pages. This is her first novel. It can't be compared to anything else I have ever read, it's so unique and beautiful and it stayed with me for weeks.

Salena will be joining us for our Boozy Book Club online meet on the 31st of March and her Boozy Book Club Box is available to pre-order.

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